Lyrique Music Productions would like to thank those who volunteered their time and talents to support LMPs recent production of “13 the Musical” and the Jason Robert Brown Concert " Back in Madison County". They are the ones who made it such a memorable event for everyone involved. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Follow LMPs next project slated for Summer 2016. Show, Auditions & Show dates will be posted when copyrights have been finalized.

Thank you for supporting the arts in our community and Lyrique Music Productions.


Lyrique Music Productions is a non-profit organization that provides a venue for actors and artists to express their creativity and talent. We challenge ourselves by bringing different and unique productions to Huntsville, for which we hope to enrich, enlighten, and educate the audience, especially the youth through our performances that benefit the arts.

Also, Lyrique Music Productions would like to thank all the actors, cast, crew, volunteers and patrons for their support during "13 the Musical", 2015.